Starting to really dislike brentalfloss. Don't get me wrong he might be a great guy but he's always so negative and its off putting. There's so muce negativity everywhere else, Sunday funnies are the last place I want to see mean spirited jokes. » 7/07/13 2:10pm 7/07/13 2:10pm

interesting Seems like they are advocating for the removal of foreign cartoons by claiming them terrible. Silly china, Americweren't through the same thing in the early nineties. You'll catch up eventually. » 7/05/13 6:52am 7/05/13 6:52am

Prepare for hundreds of comments full of righteous indignation and saying Francis is an idiot for making a comparison with screaming fire, even though both could cause a panic. Is 8years too much? Yeah but hell get out with time served and not screw up like this again hopefully » 7/04/13 3:33pm 7/04/13 3:33pm

"I'm going to blow up a school. " is a threat even with lol jk afterwards. In order for it to be a joke it has to be funny. He doesn't deserve eight years but when he gets out with time served I guarantee he won't make the same mistake again. » 7/02/13 3:40pm 7/02/13 3:40pm

You don't yell fire in a crowded building; you don't threaten to shoot up a school period. I have no problem with it myself but others do, an that's the point. We as a society react to threats according to the times we live in. If I were to say im going to kill obama I'd be in trouble even if I didnt mean it. oneā€¦ » 6/28/13 1:43pm 6/28/13 1:43pm